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With All the World Not Watching: Lessons from the People’s Party

26-May-2020Nathan Elwood

Dr. Benjamin Spock, Dr. King, and Monsignor Rice of Pittsburgh march in the Solidarity Day Parade at the United Nations Building. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

This article will help to familiarize readers with one interesting chapter in the history of previous efforts to build a mass left-wing party in the US.

Tenant Organizing in the Time of COVID-19

29-Apr-2020Sean Case

The author in front of his apartment building. Photo credit: Madison Silva

In the midst of a looming recession, renters are getting organized. In Seattle, Sean Case has been organizing with his fellow tenants in their building. Their struggle has been covered by The Seattle Times and KOMO TV and attracted the support of Kshama Sawant, a city councilmember.

After Bernie: It’s Time to Start Talking About a Democratic Socialist Party

27-Apr-2020Mimi Harris, Philip Locker, and Evan Seitchik

While many recognize it would be premature to turn our backs on the battles taking place around the Democratic Party, activists are increasingly sensing that the cross-class coalition of the Democratic Party is politically unsustainable. For the left to make fundamental progress, sooner or later it will require a rupture with the capitalist-dominated Democratic Party. While we should be strategic about the timing and conditions for such a break, we must also speak clearly about this coming split and take active steps to politically prepare the ground for it.

Caribou Baristas Fight for Health and Safety

22-Apr-2020Kevin Osborn

When COVID-19 broke out in the US, Caribou Coffee stayed open, forcing its employees to choose between a paycheck and their health and safety. Caribou workers are choosing a third option—organizing.

Debate: How Can We Continue the Bernie Revolution and Build a New Political Party?

The likely defeat of Bernie Sanders poses a stark question: How can we continue the momentum of Bernie’s historic campaign and fight to implement his platform? Two socialist activists, Jacob Smith and Bobby Lambertz, debate the best way forward, particularly how to build a new political party.

COVID-19 and the Crisis of Capitalism

The gravity of this biological event is made devastating by the socio-political institutions on which we depend—the market and the oligarchic state. Our current conditions of production and distribution, organized around profit rather than human need, aggravate the virus’s effects, rendering them more lethal, more catastrophic. This is a crisis because of capitalism.

How Much Does the Stimulus Package Help Working People?

The stimulus provides some relief to workers and small businesses, though not enough. It also includes a $500 billion handout to big business with hardly any strings attached.

A Democratic Socialist Party - When? How? Later? Now?

A Reply to Dustin Guastella and Kshama Sawant

Video: Breitbart News Interviews DSA member about Socialism

Evan S., a member of our DSA Reform & Revolution caucus, attended a Bernie Sanders victory rally in Manchester, New Hampshire to celebrate Sanders' victory in the New Hampshire primary election. A reporter from Breitbart News at the rally asked to interview Evan, the co-chair of Boston DSA, about whether being a proud democratic socialist helps or hinders Bernie Sanders' electoral prospects.