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Support Sherae Lascelles for State House - Statement by Seattle DSA

21-Oct-2020Seattle DSA

Photo: Seattle DSA members canvass for the Sherae Lascelles campaign.

Working-Class Power and the Road to Socialism: A Review of Bigger than Bernie

26-Aug-2020By Brandon Madsen

3 key strengths from Meagan Day and Micah Uetricht’s recent book and 3 points of debate

The Uprising and the Challenge Facing Socialists

25-Aug-2020Ty Moore

The mass uprising for Black lives is, in many ways, a perfect response to the cascading crises of global capitalism.

Seattle's Police-Free Zone

24-Aug-2020Stephan Kimmerle

Retrospective on the lessons from the Capitol Hill Organized Protest

Federal Forces Invade Portland to Clamp Down on Uprising for Black Lives

22-Jul-2020Jesse Dreyer and Wallace Milner

The prevailing sentiment of Portland.  All photos taken by Jesse Dreyer.
The prevailing sentiment of Portland. All photos taken by Jesse Dreyer.

A report from activists in Portland.

Uprising against Racism - Interview with Ramy Khalil about the new BLM movement

05-Jun-2020Manuel Carrillo

An uprising against racism with mass protests and rage is shaking the US. Ramy Khalil describes the events with a focus on the resistance in Seattle and an analysis of the deeper roots of racism in US capitalism. Ramy is an anti-racist activist and socialist organizer in Seattle, an elected member of the Local Council of Seattle Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and involved in building the Afro-Socialists & Socialists of Color caucus within Seattle DSA. Ramy is also a member of Reform and Revolution, a Marxist caucus of DSA. Interview by Manuel Carrillo