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Working-Class Power and the Road to Socialism: A Review of Bigger than Bernie

26-Aug-2020By Brandon Madsen

3 key strengths from Meagan Day and Micah Uetricht’s recent book and 3 points of debate

The Uprising and the Challenge Facing Socialists

25-Aug-2020Ty Moore

The mass uprising for Black lives is, in many ways, a perfect response to the cascading crises of global capitalism.

Seattle's Police-Free Zone

24-Aug-2020Stephan Kimmerle

Retrospective on the lessons from the Capitol Hill Organized Protest

Federal Forces Invade Portland to Clamp Down on Uprising for Black Lives

22-Jul-2020Jesse Dreyer and Wallace Milner

The prevailing sentiment of Portland.  All photos taken by Jesse Dreyer.
The prevailing sentiment of Portland. All photos taken by Jesse Dreyer.

A report from activists in Portland.

Uprising against Racism - Interview with Ramy Khalil about the new BLM movement

05-Jun-2020Manuel Carrillo

An uprising against racism with mass protests and rage is shaking the US. Ramy Khalil describes the events with a focus on the resistance in Seattle and an analysis of the deeper roots of racism in US capitalism. Ramy is an anti-racist activist and socialist organizer in Seattle, an elected member of the Local Council of Seattle Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and involved in building the Afro-Socialists & Socialists of Color caucus within Seattle DSA. Ramy is also a member of Reform and Revolution, a Marxist caucus of DSA. Interview by Manuel Carrillo

With All the World Not Watching: Lessons from the People’s Party

26-May-2020Nathan Elwood

Dr. Benjamin Spock, Dr. King, and Monsignor Rice of Pittsburgh march in the Solidarity Day Parade at the United Nations Building. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

This article will help to familiarize readers with one interesting chapter in the history of previous efforts to build a mass left-wing party in the US.