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Covid-19: Big Pharma and the search for the vaccine

20-Nov-2020by Dave Murphy, RISE, Ireland

In much of the advanced capitalist countries, the political class has decided to put all of its eggs into the basket of vaccine development rather than adopting a Zero Covid elimination approach which would require massive state investment in healthcare and hamper the profit-making abilities of big business. For billions of people across the globe this means that all our futures are tied in with the development of a vaccine.

Keep On Truckin’ With TDU During COVID

19-Nov-2020by Hank Kennedy, originally published on The Detroit Socialist - Detroit Democratic Socialists of America

Photo: Rob Jacob, CC BY 2.0,,

A report from the Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU) 45th annual national convention on Nov 8. TDU is a grassroots, rank-and-file organization dedicated to democratizing and strengthening the Teamsters union.

Listen to "US Election and Building Beyond" Podcast

02-Nov-2020RISE podcast with Ty Moore and MJ Lin

Diarmuid from the Irish podcast RISE RADIO sat down with Ty Moore and MJ Lin of our Reform & Revolution caucus to discuss the US Election, how socialists should respond, whether Trump will resist a loss, and the prospects for building an independent third party in the near future. Listen here.

The Corbyn Movement: What Path Forward for the Left?

29-Oct-2020By Tom Barnard and Stephan Kimmerle

Today, October 29, the Labour Party suspended its former leader Jeremy Corbyn. We stand in solidarity with Jeremy and reject the accusations that the Labour Party under his leadership was institutionally antisemitic. There is no basis for these accusations as the British website Counterfire points out in exploring the allegations in detail. But clearly this marks another milestone in the revenge of the right wing against the left leadership Corbyn represented between 2015 and 2019. We publish here some articles to shed some light on the strength and weaknesses of the Corbyn movement that are of international importance for those who want to rebuild a socialist and a combative working class movement.

“The Last Person Defending the Party Position”


Documented: Jeremy Corbyn on his Brexit Policy on August 19, 2020

“Labour Party is now much closer to being a socialist party”

28-Oct-2020Documented: Jon Lansman

Jon Lansman in his announcement not to run as a Chair for Momentum any more in May 2020