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Support Sherae Lascelles for State House - Statement by Seattle DSA


Photo: Seattle DSA members canvass for the Sherae Lascelles campaign.

Join us in a Conversation with Tara Reade

18-Oct-2020Steering Committee of DSA's Reform & Revolution caucus

The Tempest Magazine, Reform & Revolution, and others are co-sponsoring an event with Tara Reade on Sunday, October 25, 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern

“Escalation is Inevitable”: Interview with Arizona Strike Leader Rebecca Garelli on the Fight for Safe Schools

08-Oct-2020Interviews and Report by Alex Stout, Phoenix DSA

In 2018, Arizona teachers used wildcat strikes to win significant concessions including a 20% pay increase for educators. Two years later, the fight for safe schools during a mismanaged pandemic again shows the need for militant collective action. I interview Rebecca Garelli, co-founder of Arizona Educators United, and Jessica Murray, DSA teacher activist, and then report on the exciting solidarity campaign recently launched by Phoenix DSA.

The Safe State Strategy: A Tactic for The Predicament of Lesser-Evilism

02-Oct-2020Kyle Kamaz

A contribution to Columbus DSA's discussion on a resolution for DSA to advocate voting for Howie Hawkins in “safe states” at its October 8th chapter meeting.

BLM Defeats the Seattle Mayor and the Police in the 2020 Budget Battle!

26-Sep-2020Interview with DSA Socialist Activists

DSA activists discuss an important victory in the movement for Black Lives in Seattle.

Working-Class Power and the Road to Socialism: A Review of Bigger than Bernie

26-Aug-2020By Brandon Madsen

3 key strengths from Meagan Day and Micah Uetricht’s recent book and 3 points of debate