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Video: Breitbart News Interviews DSA member about Socialism


Evan S., the co-chair of Boston DSA (Democratic Socialists of America), attended a Bernie Sanders rally in Manchester, New Hampshire to celebrate Sanders' victory in the New Hampshire primary election. A reporter from Breitbart News at the rally asked to interview Evan, a member of DSA's Reform & Revolution caucus, about whether being a proud democratic socialist helps or hinders Bernie Sanders' electoral prospects. Evan engaged in the interview, not realizing it was Breitbart, because the reporter did not inform Evan which media outlet he was from. We condemn Breitbart for setting up a DSA member for a barrage of red-baiting and transphobic harassment by the alt-right, which is very evident in the comments at the article with the video interview at the Breitbart site.

Nonetheless, we completely agree with Evan's message in this interview: Bernie's socialist campaign is gaining increasingly popularity, and his campaign is fully capable of defeating Donald Trump and moving us in the direction of democratic socialism -- as long as working-class people rise up and build a determined, massive movement.