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We are proud to announce the third print edition of Reform & Revolution, packed with sharp Marxist analysis of these historic times, and a strategy for building the socialist movement. Given the challenges COVID creates for circulating the print edition, we're offering a free digital subscription (a PDF download) for this issue only.

If you are able, please consider showing your solidarity with this all-volunteer project by taking out a paid subscription. For just $27, or $50 solidarity rate, we’ll mail you 4 issues of the print magazine alongside the digital version.

The new issue of the magazine focuses on the uprising for Black lives, and features articles including The Uprising and the Challenge Facing Socialists and Unreformable: Police & the Capitalist State, among others. This issue aims to provide a clear Marxist analysis of the historic events we are passing through and, flowing from that, contribute to developing a program and a guide to action to help DSA seize the time. The magazine also features a debate over whether DSA should call for a vote for Howie Hawkins, Green Party candidate for President, in safe states, and an in-depth review of the new book Bigger Than Bernie, engaging in the rich debates in DSA over how the new socialist movement can build toward majority support and political power in America.

If you agree with the views presented in the magazine and are interested in learning more about and getting active with our DSA caucus, Reform & Revolution, please contact us at To help us continue producing the magazine, please consider asking a fellow DSA member, a friend, co-worker, or family member to subscribe as well.

Thanks and Solidarity!