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BLM Defeats the Seattle Mayor and the Police in the 2020 Budget Battle!

26-Sep-2020Interview with DSA Socialist Activists

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The movement for Black Lives scored a significant victory on Tuesday in the fight to defund the Seattle Police Department, when the city council overrode Mayor Durkan’s veto!

Back in August the movement pressured the City Council to cut 3% of the budget of the SPD. However, even these modest budget cuts were vetoed and struck down by Democratic Mayor Jenny Durkan. Nonetheless, the mass BLM protests and public opinion succeeded in pressuring the city council to stand up to the mayor and override the mayor’s veto on September 22!

Activists from Seattle DSA, specifically its caucus of Afrosocialists and Socialists of Color, including Ramy Khalil from DSA’s Reform & Revolution caucus, hosted a conversation about this victory and the next steps in the fight. Click here to listen to the interview!