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The End of Neoliberalism?

27-Oct-2020Paul Murphy, RISE, Member of Parliament in Ireland

Photo: Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, CC: Courtesy Ronald Reagan Library

Neoliberalism entered the coronavirus pandemic with significant underlying conditions. Will it survive the coming depression, or will it be replaced? Paul Murphy argues that while unorthodox monetary policy may be here to stay for the foreseeable future and globalisation is in retreat, capital’s need to restore profitability means that neoliberal fiscal policy will be harder to shake.

Review: The Monster at Our Door

17-Apr-2020Paul Murphy

Sales of pandemic-based literature have unsurprisingly rocketed in the last weeks. Copies of Camus’ ‘The Plague’, Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ and Dean Kootz’ ‘The Eyes of Darkness’ are flying off online bookshelves as people seek some understanding of the terrifying situation we’re facing. Those seeking an explanation of the dynamics behind the coronavirus pandemic would be well served by reading Mike Davis’ well-researched ‘The Monster at Our Door’ published in 2005.

Interview on Italy: Sardines Amid Sinking Stars

14-Mar-2020Interview with Marco Veruggio, a member of ControCorrente, Marxist group in Italy, living in Rome, Italy

Plagued by the Coronavirus, Italy's Political Situation is Dominated by a Weak Left

Video: Speech by a Socialist Member of Parliament about the Irish Elections

23-Feb-2020Diana O’Dwyer

This article was written by a member of RISE, a new democratic socialist organisation in Ireland founded in September 2019. The acronym stands for Radical, Internationalist, Socialist and Environmentalist.

Stop Trump's Coup in Venezuela

01-Jun-2019Manuel Carrillo

How Chavismo Got Derailed in Corruption and Poverty